unit one

Wishes for the Programme


  1. To determine what the group hope to achieve through taking part in the Programme

 Length of exercise: 8– 12 minutes

Materials needed:

  1. Pens/markers
  2. Paper
  3. Blue Tack
  4. Wish Sheets (next page)


  1. Inform the young people that the purpose of this exercise is to determine a “wish” they may have for the week i.e. what they hope to achieve through taking part in the Stepping Stones Summer Programme (make friends, get ready for school, become a better listener, etc.). (2min)
  2. Ask the young people to move to different parts of the room and in silence, write their wish on a small sheet of paper (See attached). (5 min)
  3. When they are happy with their wish, ask them to stick it on a section of the wall. (2min)
  4. Spend time going through each of the wishes and the possibility of them being achieved through the programme. (3 mins)
  5. Also on the last day the group will go through each wish to see if it was achieved.


Facilitator notes:

  1. It is recommended that during the evaluation meeting at the end of the first day, the leaders go through each wish to evaluate if the workshops in the programme will support the young people achieve that wish.  If not, the leaders should make the necessary adjustments.