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Below is a collection of Transition Programmes from Ireland UK and Australia that have proved effective in supporting quality tranistion for children from primary to secondary school.

Transition Programmes ( some of these programme originate in response to special needs but use generic material and pedagogy)

IYF Transition Programme HERE
Stepping Stones KYS School Module 1
Stepping Stones Summer Project 5 days
OTRP Transition Programme HERE

School Completion Programme Guidelines towards Best Practice


Resource Pack Building Positive Relations The purpose of this pack is to provide pupils with the skills and confidence to facilitate transition from primary to secondary school.  It is therefore targeted at those children in their final year of primary school and is best introduced in the final term prior to transition.Highland Psychological Services 2009

Transition from primary to secondary school Waterford, revised 2015

NEPs Tranistion Profile



START Transition in Australia Primarily a programme for in school this report does contain many useful activities for any transition programme. The programme is broken into sections: background information and considerations for developing a transition programme, including key findings; teaching and learning principles; tips for getting 'started'; and some activities for students involved in transition from primary to secondary school.
Transition Programmes MISSION TRANSITION (Limerick Norhtside Learning HUB) a resource rich workbook with worksheets on expectations, fears, concerns first day in school , organisation of school etc.

‘Getting ready to transfer from Primary School to Secondary School’ Cheshire East Council
Going in unprepared to a Year 7/1st year induction with maybe 100+ pupils can be overwhelming and somewhat frightening. Starting the transition pack prior to any whole year induction can help alleviate some of the anxieties. In this pack there are a variety of activities and worksheets, which have been collected together for teachers and parents to use with their Year 6 Pupils. These can be done on an individual basis, or ideally with a small group of Year 6 pupils at home or in school. In the majority of cases we advise that the pack be used in the Summer Term.

Moving On A resource to support Year 6 and Year 7 students in developing social and emotional skills for transfer. UK (Brighton and Hove)This two week unit of work aims to help pupils:
• Celebrate their achievements
• Understand feelings about change
• Understand how thoughts, feelings and behaviour are linked
• Say goodbye and move on

Transition Programme UK This resource pack has been put together by Abi Steady and Rhiannon Roberts Leicestershire Autism Outreach Service to advise parents/carers, school staff and other professionals supporting pupils on the autism spectrum through transition from mainstream primary to mainstream secondary schools. The intention is that the pack can be used flexibly for each individual pupil. All materials can be photocopied and available to be used by schools in their transition planning.

Transition from Primary to Secondary School Highland UK This Transition Pack has been designed to assist young people and their supporters (parents. siblings, relatives, school staff etc.) in moving from Primary to Secondary school.. On line version here
Primary to Secondary Transition - Film Club resource.This film based rersource is built around 10-12 years old children going through similar changes with work sheets. ( The materials are also available in zip copy HERE)

Transition from Primary to Post-Primary for Pupils with Special Educational Needs Challenges for the Pupil and Strategies for the Teacher. Ann Marie Farrell. Special Education Department, St. Patrick’s College of Education, Dublin

With sample work sheets for primary and post primary


The Transition from Primary to Secondary School UK Good mental health can enable children to face the challenges of transition with confidence, and schools can make a significant difference by identifying early those children who are most vulnerable and by encouraging and enabling the growth of resilience. The purpose of this training resource is to help schools think about why some children may be more vulnerable in facing transition and to support schools in developing ways of working that will allow all children to find a sense of belonging and engagement in school

The Transition from Primary to Secondary School How an understanding of mental health and emotional well being can help children, schools and families
Training Resource UK

Changing Tracks Changing Tracks focuses on addressing the transition from primary to secondary school.  The resources below were developed in 2004. It incorporates a skill development approach which identifies and enhances protective factors for mental health and minimises the associated risk factors with social and educational change during transition.

  • Teacher Notes and Lesson Plans
  • Workbook
  • Storybook