Unit supports

Everyone needs help from time to time and there is nothing wrong with asking for it. It may help to talk to a friend, family member or someone else you trust. They can also support you in finding professional advice and help if you need it. 

If you don’t want to talk to someone you know, try one of many support organisations that will be more than willing to help. These include free helplines, text support services, websites, drop-in centres, support groups, counselling and also services that offer immediate help in a crisis, some 24 hours a day.



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Here are some of the organisations working for children in Ireland. While each group has it’s own focus, they are united by their common goal for children’s rights, equality and welfare.

Children’s Rights Alliance - unites over 100 organisations and works to identify problems, act as a watchdog, raise awareness of children’s rights and achieve better outcomes through law, policy and practice reforms.

Unicef Ireland - UNICEF advocates for and promotes children’s rights in all situations.

Headstrong – National Youth Mental Health Centre  support for young people in their mental health and well-being.

BelongTo - an organisation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered young people.

Teenline - Freephone helpline and other support services for Teenagers in Ireland.

Foroige – encourages youth and social development through different projects and services.

Barnardos - supports children whose well-being is under threat, by working with them, their families and communities.

National Youth Council of Ireland - representative body for national voluntary youth work organisations in Ireland

Youth Work Ireland - a federation of 22 Local Member Youth Services who deliver programmes and services to young people across the island of Ireland

Young Social Innovators - encourages, motivates and creates new opportunities for young people to actively participate in the world around them.

Youth Connect - developed by the Irish Congress of Trade Unions in partnership with the Irish Second-Level Students’ Union to inform students about their rights as students and workers.

ISPCC - advocates on behalf of all children in Ireland and to provide a range of independent unique services which are preventative and empowering in nature.

The Irish Youth Foundation - provides financial support to local grassroots groups for disadvantaged youth .

Sports Against Racism Ireland - supports and promotes inclusion and positive integration through sport.

Pavee Point - made up of Roma, Travellers and members of the majority population working together for the realisation of human rights for minority groups.

New Communities Partnership – NCP Youth Ireland - supports migrant youth engagement in community, education and social initiatives through youth group activities.

Bully 4 U - national not for profit organisation providing anti bullying services for primary and secondary schools in Ireland.

DCU Anti bullying centre - An internationally recognised research centre undertaking research on bullying and schools.

EPIC   - Empowering people in care, is an independent association that works throughout the Republic of Ireland, with and for children and young people who are currently living in care or who have had an experience of living in care.

Irish Deaf Kids - Non-profit venture geared to supporting inclusive mainstream education for deaf children in Ireland