unit ONE

"Where we were, where we are going, and how to get There"


Children moving through some transitions may need to 'say goodbye' and
have some kind of closure to that phase of their life.

Closure is an important marker between one stage and another – this will take many forms and will be very specific to the child, but will certainly need to be included in the planning and preparation.

Feel confident that your children and  young people will be more able to:

  • Reflect on their time at primary school
  • Recognise the changes between primary and secondary
  • Build positive relationships
  • Make safe travel plans to and from their new school
  • Cope with homework
  • Understand their timetable
  • Find out about and respect school rules
  • Figure out what to pack in their bag
  • Feel comfortable about asking for help
  • Examine and address common fears



Group Contract

Wishes for the Programme

This unit has three elements; setting up programme agreeing ground rules and content, reviewing primary school experience and finally examining the geography of the Big School.

Primary School Review


Fears and Expectations

Team-building Games and energisers
Learning Conversations