IYF Pilot transition programme

Particpating Organisations to date

City Wise

City Wise provides out-of-school education and personal supports to young people aged 8 to 18 years who live in disadvantaged communities.
Our experience in dealing with young people aged 12 to 15 who have dropped out early from the school system indicates that the transition to secondary school is a major contributing factor. We are also conscious that the move to secondary school can have a negative effect on the work rate of more motivated young people due to inabilities to cope with peer pressure.

Currently, we run Fast Track programmes for young people aged 10 years and upwards who would be regarded as good students in primary school, and who, in more congenial circumstances would have the capacity to attend third-level education. The aim of Fast Track is to help young people progress from primary to secondary while maintaining enthusiasm for learning, and to continue to be high achievers in second level. Students are encouraged to remain with Fast Track throughout their secondary education. The programme combines academic learning, mentoring support, and peer support helping young people appreciate their academic and intellectual talents.
There are other students in primary school who are not so academically motivated, and who are likely to drop out of the education system during their first and second year in secondary. We have a service (Midschool) which catches these young people after they drop out, and supports them as far as the Junior Certificate. This service works closely with school principals and the NEWB in identifying those most in need of this service


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KYS Stepping Stones

Stepping Stones is a Community-based Youth Work programme aimed at supporting young people in making the transition from primary to second level school, particularly for those young people considered to be potentially at risk of early school leaving.

The Stepping Stones Programme was initially piloted by Kildare Youth Services’ (KYS) Naas Child and Family Programme and Naas Youth Project in 1999. Since then it has been run annually in the Youth projects in Kildare Town, Naas, Newbridge, Athy, Leixlip and the Curragh. County Kildare Leader Partnership (formerly Action South Kildare and Kildare Community Partnership), the Newbridge & Curragh/Kildare School Completion Programmes and the Kildare VEC have supported the programme during this period.



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The vision of Solas Project is to see communities rejuvenated through education and sport. We aim to do this by equipping and building up young people to overcome all limitations imposed on them by social and educational disadvantage through the adventure of discovering their abilities and self-worth.

Solas Project was originally set up in 2007 as Solas After-School Project, a dynamic after-school intervention programme targeting children at risk of early school leaving. In February 2011 the project amalgamated with another local initiative with considerable overlap in vision, aims and target group to form Solas Project. This pooling of resources and ideas has already enabled the project to make a greater positive impact, and has increased our capacity to deliver programmes which can make a real difference in the lives of children affected by social and educational disadvantage.


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The Aisling Project

The Aisling Project – an after-school initiative working in Ballymun - was set up in 1997. Currently four projects, in four areas of Ballymun, work with 80 young people aged from 8-to-13 years.  The Aisling Project based here in The Reco was established in May 2006, and takes place Monday to Thursday, from 2.30 to 5.30pm, during the school year, with a full two-week Summer Project during the month of July. 
 The main aims of the Aisling Project are to prevent early school leaving, benefit the community and advance education by running an after-school intervention project for children at risk. This intervention provides purposeful activity in a caring, secure environment in an attempt to meet the young people’s developmental needs. The service provides a hot meal every day, homework supervision and a range of developmental activities – drama, art, music, swimming, sports, gardening and arts & crafts etc.

While group-work, team-work and co-operation are very important, so too is individual project work. Our varied programme aims to allow for the interests, needs and learning of the various young people involved in the project. While each of the individual projects – Balcurris, Sillogue, Shangan and The Reco – maintains a certain independence, a level of co-operation and joint activity takes place between the projects. Each project adheres to the overall aims and objectives of the organisation

Aisling IYF Transition Programme