transtion programme application

Who should apply?


The IYF wants to identify interventions which have demonstrated positive impact for vulnerable children in making the transition from primary to secondary education and which are capable of being replicated in a cost effective manner in other locations.
These interventions can be urban or rural based, might include mentoring, homework support, other non academic based programmes that support the effective transition from primary to secondary school and they might take place during the school year or between the school years.
The IYF are interested in all projects that are non school based, whose outputs can be verified and, most importantly, are capable of being replicated within a voluntary community setting. To participate in this project you should be running an after school programme that addresses some of the transitional challenges faced by vulnerable children in moving from primary to secondary schooling e.g. homework support, mentoring, literacy, relationship skills and so on.



What does it involve?


The project involves participation in a facilitated programme that supports participants writing up their programme using a variety of methods including workshops with other service providers, one to one interviews, using Logic Modelling and the implementation of a number of “measurement” tools.
The cost of participating in the programme will be funded by the IYF.

Moreover, you should have ‘evidence’ that your intervention works. As the project is about recording what works so that other service providers can achieve similar successes, it is vitally important that your programme has existing funding sources. IYF will not fund operational costs: it will fund the cost of services recording/documenting, monitoring, and evaluating their programmes.
A Transition Programme: Putting it together:
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