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What is OST?

Out of School Time (OST) provision can be very broadly defined as supervised programmes and services for school-going children and young people that are provided at times when the child or young person is not in school. Therefore such programmes and services can take place in the mornings before school, at lunchtimes, after-school hours during the school year, at weekends and during school holidays. They can be located in a range of settings such as schools, community centres and other community facilities, child-care centres, libraries and sports facilities. The type of activities undertaken in OST services varies widely, although most aim to address educational disadvantage in some way, the particular method of achieving this varies considerably. OST services are sponsored by both statutory and non-statutory agencies.


What is MOST

MOST is a resource site to inform, challenge and promote effective services for children and young people by full time/part- time and volunteer OST practitioners.

The MOST site is organised by AGE groupings and by RESOURCES.

This web resource provides access to current thinking, programming, issues and tools, as well as links to service providers, to support quality OST services for children and young people.

Literature Review of OST provision in Ireland by CRC on behalf of the Rialto Learning Community 2009 HERE


"All children need opportunities to play, explore,
create, learn and relax. Programmes should
offer a balance between independent play and
structured activities that are fun and aim to
enhance a variety of skills including leadership,
self-esteem, conflict management, academic
interests and hobbies"

National Institute of Out of School Time.

MOST is promoted by Irish Youth Foundation