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9-11 Years : OVERVIEW

The 9-11 year period is characterised by a number of key transitions, none more significant than leaving primary school and starting in secondary school.

Home and family life is still the most important influence in a child's life but increasingly friends school and other things are becoming more influential in their life.

In terms of emotional and intellectual ability the child's speed and efficiency of thought increases, spatial working memory improves, emotional regulation becomes greater, planning and problem solving skills increase, and scientific reasoning and ability to understand one's own thinking develops. By this age their tastes and skills are pretty well defined

Own Time Activity becomes sophisticated and increasingly symbolic. Activity in the preteen years often is a group production, and the pastimes this age group prefer reflect that, group activities, organised sport . At the same time, this age group spend lots of time and concentration on individual interests, which might include books, music, games.

This is the age when a child moves from childhood into early adolescence.